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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Colourful Threads for your sewing projects

Now available!! High quality Dolphin threads for all your sewing needs...

Price: ONLY RM0.80 each
More than 200 colours available!!

D240 ~ Black
D241 ~ White

D722 ~ Purple
D528 ~ Dark Blue
D745 ~ Red
D744 ~ Pink

D474 ~ Light Blue
D703 ~ Blue
D559 ~ Green
D548 ~ Yellow
D476 ~ Orange

Shades of brown...

D510 D511 D705 D706 D707

D710 D711 D712 D713

D714 D715 D716


Special price for ordering 6 pieces or more of assorted colours

Special offer for ordering 5 pieces of same code
get 1 piece FREE!! 

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