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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sharp Scissors for Crafters

Sharp Dash scissors from Japan, suitable for your crafting works, available in medium and small sizes and three colours

SA004 ~ Medium crafting scissors (17 cm)
Handle Colour: Red, Yellow, Green

SA005 ~ Small crafting scissors (14 cm)
Handle Colour: Red, Yellow, Green

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Transparent Snaps

SA001 ~ Transparent Plastic Snaps (9 mm)
3 pairs per set (Shown here 3 sets)

Metal sew-on snaps

SA002 - Metal Snaps (36 pairs)
Size: 9 mm

Self-threading Needles

Avoid eye strain to thread your needles. No need to ask others to thread your needle or use a threader anymore.
Sooooooo easy!!

High quality needles from Japan.

SA003 ~ Self-threading Needles (12 pieces)

Package (front view & Rear view)